Frigidaire’s All Fridge/All Freezer

A Huuuge fridge!? Nah, these in fact, are an All Freezer and an All Refrigerator, model FPRU19F8RF, positioned together. What’s neat with this concept is that one Dual 75″ Louvered Trim Kit (TRIMKITEZ2) is used to give them that elegant, built-in look.

15 Nov FPRU19F8RF All Fridg & All Freezer

These appliances are more than just pretty faces. The 32-inch wide All Refrigerator isn’t shy with its easy-to-use features:

  • SpacePro™ Crisper Bins
  • SpacePro™ Full-Width Drawer
  • SpacePro™ Shelving
  • SpacePro™ Door Bins
  • PowerBright™ LED Lighting
  • PrecisionPro Controls™

Likewise, the All Freezer (also 32 inches wide) is just as packed with nice things, like:

  • Soft Freeze™ Zone
  • PowerBright™ LED Lighting
  • SpacePro™ Shelving
  • SpacePro™ Door Bins
  • SpacePro™ Storage Baskets
  • PowerPlus® Ice Maker

You can load them up with your groceries tidily and find foods quickly. See what we mean?

15 Nov Frig FPRU19F8RF_FPFU19F8RF-OLH_449

Both also come with PureAir Ultra® Filtration System that’ll leave your food tasting like themselves – you know how sometimes your cake has adopted last night’s fish soup taste, none of that with these beauties! What’s more? They’re smart! That’s right…they alert you when their doors aren’t completely shut. Almost forgot, they also resist fingerprints and are easy to clean!

We are so excited about these appliances, you gotta come see for yourself at any of our Trail Appliances locations.

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