Exploring with AllTrails App

Are you an urbanite who loves to hike? Or do you travel a lot and love exploring the hidden paths in your destination?

Hats off to you! While discovering lovely nooks and crannies in unfamiliar places is elating, it’s best to get it done safely. Finding secure hiking paths in foreign territory can be daunting. You can find various apps to help you but AllTrails is my favourite. You’ve most likely heard of this app and if you haven’t tried it, it’s very easy to use!

A city dweller, I usually have only a few hours in the weekend to get out and explore the wilderness. This past weekend, I jumped on AllTrails and found a moderate hike only 30 mins from my house. This app allows you to search by city, town, trail name or even by a map view. And once you find the perfect hike, all you do is press the “direction” button and your GPS will take you right to the parking lot of your chosen trail!

You can also record your hike, save it in favourite, or even download the map to refer to at spotty cell service areas. Neat and really helpful! So explore away in your own backyard or the country of your dream!

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