Stay Hydrated!

Yahoo! It’s the Calgary Stampede and sometimes when we’re having too much fun, we forget to drink….er… we’re referring to good old H2O, the beverage that every living creature can’t do without.  For a lot of us, keeping hydrated can be a challenge, especially when considering the daily recommended 2 litres or half a gallon a day that we need to drink. Are we fish? Seriously though, we need water to function properly, after all, we are made of about 60% water. Activities, especially outdoors, take their toll on our reserve which must be replenished to ensure hydration.

That being said, we have to make sure that the water we drink is of great quality, whether we drink it straight or flavoured.  Have you invested in a water purification system? If not, consider the Kinetico line of products. The Kinetico home water systems can go farther in taking out impurities, such as chemicals used to treat sourced water before it reaches our taps. To find out more about Kinetico, visit Trail Appliances online or in any of our locations in person.

So, whip out your refillable water bottle, take a long refreshing and quenching drink then carry on with your outdoor fun!

11Jul water bottle

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