All About Veggies

By Lemon Tree Nutrition

“Eat your vegetables!”

A phrase from childhood dinner table that still echoes in our ears. Turns out mom has been right all along! We hear it over and over – eating more vegetables is beneficial to our health. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Instead, consider these reasons why we should dig into that colourful salad.                      June 17 - Salad

Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and are high in water content as well as fibre. Dietary fibre is very important to our health. It helps maintain bowel health, may help lower risk of some chronic diseases and aids in healthy weight management.

So how do you get more veggies into your diet? Start by incorporating more veggies into your daily food intake. For example, at dinner start with a large salad or a vegetable soup. Vegetables are versatile. Chop them into sticks and serve with a dip for a fun, easy snack; blend them into your smoothies; top your pizzas; barbecue them and even juice them.                                    Jun 17 - Veggie Juice

With the warmer weather, now is a great time to incorporate more veggies into your diet as they are fresher and more flavourful. If you have a farmers’ market near you, drop by and get your beautifully fresh veggies. By doing so, not only are you getting the freshest produce, but you’re also eating local and supporting farmers and your community.

To your health!

Lemon Tree Nutrition provides nutritional consultancy for active people who are looking to eat healthier, improve their energy levels and invest in a long term healthy lifestyle.


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