Renovation Tips

We’ve all heard more renovation horror stories than we’ve heard happy endings. Make yours a happy ending by getting educated on the process before you start. Going into a renovation of any scale can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Sometimes, even with all the preparation in the world, surprises will pop up, budgets might creep and timelines can pass. Here are things that will help you with your project.



Hire the right professional. Whether it’s a designer, contractor, or gas fitter….hire people that know what they are doing and talking about. Check references and interview more than one. Hiring a friend of a friend might save you money up front, but if they are not experienced it will cost you in the end.

Take advice from the people who know best. If your designer tells you that purple carpeting is not the best choice….listen to them. Designers are constantly pushing envelopes and taking risks, but they are calculated and educated.

Find alternate living arrangements. This one might be tough for some budgets, but the expense is worth your happiness and sanity. Living in a house under construction is painful, messy and most likely, a huge distraction for the construction team. If you can’t leave for the entire renovation, try and get away for at least a few weeks while the bulk of the renovation is happening.


Become the distraction. We all like to know what’s going on in our house, but hanging around is actually more problematic. The proper way to be on top of the work being done is to walk through the house at the end of the day, make your notes and talk to your contractor. Don’t stand around talking to the trades and taking time away from their jobs.

Take the lowest price. When prices start to add up its very tempting to take the lowest price. It’s crucial for the overall success of your project to make sure you assign value to each item. A contractor or designer will help you with this, but if you are working on this yourself you will need to see where it is important to spend more money. As an example, you are doing a bathroom renovation and you want the shower to feel spa-like and luxurious, you might want to give a heftier budget to the tile and plumbing fixtures and pull some out of the cabinetry and flooring. Making sure you are properly using your budget is the key to a great renovation story.

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