5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is almost here once again. After the brunch and the dad pampering, make sure to give your old man a gift he will love. Here are a few ideas we’d like to share with you.

Bar Fridges


Every father is very well deserving of a bar fridge. Bar fridges come in all shapes, sizes, and features. Some bar fridges are refrigerator/freezer combo. Some can be order with or without automatic ice makers, and some have can dispensers. There are also Kegorators which store half kegs, tall quarter kegs, pony kegs, sixthbarrels, Cornelius kegs, growlers as well as bottles and cans.

See our full collection of bar fridges and Kegorators here.


Wine Coolers


Because wine coolers are specifically concerned with the temperature of the liquid inside containers, they are ideal for keeping your old man’s wine, soda or beer stable. A wine cooler is designed for perfect storage of bottles of wine of different sizes. Some wine coolers have UV-protected glass and some have anti-vibration rubber motor mounts and that protects wine from agitation. Others have two temperature zones to chill both whites and reds at their optimal temperatures.

Make sure the wine cooler isn’t empty! Read more about Chinook Arch Meadery, a local Alberta Meadery, and what they have to offer.

See our full collection of wine coolers here.




There’s nothing quite like the taste of a meal prepared fresh off the grill and that’s why you should spoil your dad’s palate with a new barbecue. Dads love to act all-knowing when it comes to their BBQ skills, give them the pleasure of bragging. There are many options you can pick from: free-standing grills, built-in grills or portable grills. We especially recommend a grill that has infrared burners, here’s why.

See our full collection of grills here.


Outdoor Fire Table


Surprise your dad with fire table for his outdoor living space. It’s elegant, modern-looking and warming.

Visit any of our stores today to see our collection of Outdoor Fire Tables.

Coffee Makers

Coffee makers have become more sophisticated, and now your dad can indulge in the luxury of having fine coffee every single day! Coffee makers come with all types of features. For example, some grind your coffee beans to a desired fine or coarse grind, some can dispense two drinks at the same time, some froth milk and some allow for brewing different sizes of drink. With one of Trail Appliances’ coffee machines, your caffeine-addicted dad can enjoy barista-quality lattes, espressos, macchiatos, Americanos, cappuccinos, regular coffees or teas.


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