On the menu: Crickets & Kangaroo

As much as we like safe bets when it comes to food, we also love our annual outlet to be foodie daredevils at the Calgary Stampede.
This year, the Stampede menu has been revealed and it’s pretty bizarre, just as bizarre as we want it to be! Let’s highlight some of the most interesting food that will be at the Calgary Stampede, shall we?

If you’ve been wondering how you can jazz up your traditional grilled cheese sandwich, have you thought of crickets? Well, think no more, Cricket Grilled Cheese will be served at Calgary Stampede. You won’t only be having a hearty classic; you’ll also be getting a dose of crunch and protein! There also will be Cricket Caramel Apples where your good old apple is dipped in caramel and topped with roasted honey crickets.

cricket-grilled-cheese-436x270-Calgary Stampede
Cricket Grilled Cheese – Calgary Stampede

All the way from down under, Kangaroo meat will be on pizza for a flavourful gamey taste; paired with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil, banana peppers and mushrooms.

Kangaroo Pizza – Calgary Stampede

Nothing is more exhilarating than a well-seasoned meal. This year, the Midway will have Giant Squid on a Stick that has been seasoned and breaded in flour and spices. You can also add salt, pepper, or curry pepper to your favourite-to-be sea creature.

Giant Squid on a Stick – Calgary Stampede

For dessert, there’s going to be your usual mini donuts, charcoal ice cream, deep fried pineapple rings, Kit Kat fries and many more, but what stood out the most to us was the Vietnamese Coffee & Mini Doughnut. It is exactly what it sounds like, mini doughnuts and iced coffee in ice pop form.

Vietnamese Coffee & Mini Doughnut Pop – Calgary Stampede

We can’t wait to try some of those; however, we’re likely going to stick to less risky options like Pizza Corndogs. What are you going to try?

For the full list of food offered at this year’s Calgary Stampede, check their website out.


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