To the Chapel of Love

Bells are ringing for weddings in the summer, the favoured season for a lot of couples to tie the knot. It has, after all, the most ideal setting for pictures at parks with flowers in full bloom, green grass, birds in the air, you get the picture.  Getting married between June and September also makes it easier for the couple and their entourage to be most comfortable in their dresses and suits, especially when clad in them from morning until late night.

Getting to that special day is not eazy peazy, particularly if you’re planning a huge wedding.  Ideally, hiring a wedding planner to make all the arrangements from reminders about license and registry to your hair dresser appointments, selecting flowers, photographer, car, catering, music and so on would be great; however, budget does not always allow for this luxury. If you and your maid-of-honor or willing family member have to tackle all these tasks, it is nice to have a checklist to make sure you include all that is needed for a no-hitch day. This Wedding Planning Checklist  site is worth checking out. It will guide you from the day you decided to take your vows to a day or so after the wedding. Depending on the type of wedding you plan, you will notice that only certain items on the list will apply.

The alternative to a hassle-free wedding is the destination kind. It would not be specific to summer months as many places bask in the sun while we shiver in the cold. The only drawback would be for guests unable to attend due to airline tickets and other expenses.

For couples starting out in a new house together, don’t be shy to include appliances and furnishings on your gift list. At Trail Appliances, we make our appliances and other home products affordable through gift cards and payment plans.

So, congratulations and here’s to you!

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