Earth Day – April 22

We all share our lives on this beautiful planet. A planet that nurtures us, yet sometimes we forget to cherish it and even inadvertently hurt it. This year’s Earth Day campaign is ‘End Plastic Pollution’. We have come to rely on plastic for its convenience. The downside of plastic is the trash it creates. Because the material it is made of, polyethylene, is not easily broken down by micro-organisms, plastic remains intact for many hundreds of years. Some experts believe even up to one thousand years.

Interestingly enough, it was found that plastic breaks down quicker in the ocean, which affects marine life with the toxic chemicals that are parts of polyethylene. And, of course, anything that affects our environment also affects us.  Earth Day is a great opportunity to start reducing your impact on Terra. Start with less plastic usage!  Here are some ideas how:

  1. Grocery bags – Make sure you always have reusable bags in the car and bring them with you into the store.
  2. Straws – yes, they’re colourful and fun, but they are also one of the most damaging things to marine environment! Ocean creatures tend to eat them. There are alternatives such as reusable straws or paper ones for you to consider.
  3. Lunch for work – Plastic is a very common container but consider healthier alternatives instead, such as glass or stainless steel. They’re super easy to clean as well.
  4. Do you buy pasta sauce in a jar? Or maybe you just have a bunch of Mason jars lying around from that amazing strawberry jam grandma gave you? These serve as wonderful containers – use them to store your bulk foods in your pantry or pack your lunch in them. Use them for beads, pens and pencils, coins or anything else that is in need of a container – and when you’re done with them, simply recycle those glass containers. There is no need to buy plastic containers!
  5. bottles-net-apr-2018-e1524240719572.jpgBottled water – A great thing, especially when travelling. Honestly though, they take up so much room in the vehicle. There are water jugs out there for this purpose. For personal use, there is an array of food-grade metal water bottles that keep your water cool or hot, if you prefer. And for your home, instead of buying a water dispenser jug why not invest in a home filtration system, such as Kinetico. Very handy, no huge plastic containers to exchange every time you need to replenish, simply turn on the tap. Already a great start with anti-plastic. Having a Kinetico filtration system will save at least 3780 plastic bottles because you can also fill up your metal water bottle for your walks or trips.
  6. Going for a walk around the neigbourhood? When you see a piece of plastic lying on the ground, pick it up and put it in your recycle bin. Some plastics are now included in recyclables.

And remember – Little actions go a long way! There is an environmental movement happening to help keep our planet healthy. Check it out to see how you can contribute.


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