Design a Room Around a Piece of Art

The first step is finding the focal point, when you walk into a room and your eye lands on a certain corner; this is exactly the perfect spot for your art. In the image below, it’s easy to see that the space between the windows is a focal point, so placing your art there is a good decision.


If you want to create or accentuate a focal point, try placing symmetrical frames, mirrors, or decoration to better draw the eye to your art.

If you’re going for a making-a-statement piece of art, try minimalistic furniture paired with a dramatic, bold art piece.



Don’t forget the little corners that could use some spicing up! If a room is mostly neutral, make sure to add a little something to the far corner. This could help with preventing the room from feeling too bare.



Why have one piece of art when you can have two? Make sure to have just the right amount of difference between the art pieces to keep things interesting, but enough similarity to avoid having it look messy. And don’t forget to keep the rest of the room clean and neutral.


All the images above are good examples of how well you can use repetition of colour in your favour. That is, a room will look more put-together when some of the colours in the art pieces are repeated in the furniture.

In the image above for example, the paintings have a little red in them, which is reflected in the vase, the blues are repeated in the central set of drawers, and the bold greens are reflected in the subtle plant.

Make sure to hang your art at eye-level height. If a frame is hung a bit too low or a bit too high, it could easily make the room feel wrong. The image below is a good example of what not to do.


After all, design is all about personal taste and how you customize it. What are your advice for decorating a room around a piece of art?

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