Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Darker appliances originally started getting popular in Europe and the trend is slowly overtaking design trends in North America. Black stainless steel appliances sure add a hint of modernism to your kitchen. The black stainless steel grants you a sleek, classic, modern look. Most black stainless steel appliances are coated with a fingerprint-resistant layer that preserves their clean look.

Depending on your personality and what you look for when it comes to your home’s style, there are two approaches to make the most use of the elegance black stainless steel can offer you; you can pair the dark chic colour with light grey, beige, or white cabinets. This style is not too dramatic, it puts more emphasis on the appliances rather than the cabinets, and is likely long-lived.


Another approach is to go for a bold, statement kitchen where you pair the black stainless steel with bold bright colours. On the online community Houzz, they showed a picture of black stainless steel appliances combined with an aqua colour for the cabinets.

In a poll by Houzz, users were asked if they would buy black stainless steel appliances and users who voted in favour were twice as many those who indicated they wouldn’t buy black appliances. Would you?

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  1. Geri Urquhart says:

    I purchased black Kitchen Aid appliances from Trail six years ago and would have bought the black stainless steel if they’d been available then. However, I do love the ones that I have and they go well in my kitchen. I enjoy your Newsletter!


    1. Trail Appliances says:

      Geri, we’re happy you love the black appliances you currently have, they sure make a statement as well. We appreciate that you enjoy our newsletter. We hope to always keep our newsletters and blogs fresh and enjoyable for you.


    1. Trail Appliances says:

      Thank you very much, Crisanto

      Liked by 1 person

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