Top Design Trends for 2018

Bright, cosy and slick is 2018’s look. Millennial Pink created a lot of buzz in the design and fashion worlds in 2017 and still does till now. Much like Millennial Pink, 2018 brings another colour that seems like it will be used often in fashion and interior design: Ultra Violet.

Ultra violet is now being used on a range of different fronts, from kitchen utensils to furniture.

If you’re more of a classic person, other colours that are trending in 2018 are neutrals like grey, black and white. One of the great things about these colours is that you can easily pair them with the furniture you already have, which could be a bit challenging with ultra violet.


Velvet is making a comeback, not just with clothes, but also with furniture and shoes. There doesn’t seem to be a certain trend with colours for velvet. Choose the colour you love; red, blue, green or pink, have fun with it.

Finally, green never goes out of style, especially when it’s in plant form! Add some greens to your space! For tips on which plants to get and why indoor plants are your best friend, check out this blog post.



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