Organizing your Pantry

There are millions of ways you can have a messy pantry, but we have some ideas for affordable ways to keep it organized.

  • Do not underestimate the power of office file organizers. Trays, lunchbox lids, cutting boards, trays, muffin trays, and baking sheets can all neatly fit in there.


  • Wide Magazine holders are just perfect for storing cans.
  • Another great use of magazine holders is for all of your tin foil and saran wrap rolls.


  • A mason jar (or any jar really) can hold all of your cupcake liners in one contained place.


  • Use egg cartons to keep all of your K-cups in one place.


  • Put food items that come in bags (like nuts, popcorn kernels, cornflakes or chocolate chips) in empty creamer bottles or empty jars; this way, you can better store them and keep them fresher longer.


Now that you know our secrets, share yours! Tell us in the comments how you keep your pantry organized.


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