DIY Holiday Decorations

Truthfully, I don’t do much for decorations for the holidays.  I live in a small condo, so over doing it with decorations tends to look cluttered and messy. Every year I like to switch things up and play around with things I have around the house.  Last year, I made this feather wreath (ok, I didn’t exactly have 5 feather boas kicking around the house) with  Styrofoam and five dollar store feather boas.

Holiday Decor 1.jpg

I have been seeing the trend of “Dome”. You can buy these domes at any home accessory store, but not everyone has the budget to spend money on the latest trend.  So I thought I would try to re-create this look using items around my house and pair it with my old decorations.

First I used a large round vase turned upside down and a over-sized Christmas ball and place it all on a classic white cake plate.

Holiday Decor 2

Next I used a smaller vase turned upside down and filled it with some colourful lights and used a small mason jar filled with silver tinsel and placed it all on a silver platter.

Holiday Decor 3.jpg

Think about using this dome idea for your front entrance, guest bathroom, or your centerpiece on your dining room table. You will need to think about the scale of these objects.  Use different sizes, shapes, and colours to create a dramatic effect.  Think about using different holiday items to fill the jars and vases like candy canes, pine cones, ribbons, etc.

The holidays are a time to spend with loved ones, not spending money, so let your imagination soar and come up with your own Holiday DIY…and if you do, comment below with some pictures and we might just share them on an upcoming post!

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