Handmade Stocking Stuffers

I love handmade gifts anytime of the year but especially Christmas.  Let’s be honest. whose Dad actually wants another ugly tie? I feel really blessed to be in a family where smaller, more thoughtful gifts are the norm, and giving big expensive items is not allowed … tickets to Hawaii, however, would be totally acceptable 😉

A few years ago I made salt scrubs for all my friends and it was such a hit!  On top of being so easy to make, it cost next to nothing to get all the ingredients.  It was the perfect dry winter skin remedy everyone was looking for and I ended up sending the information to all of them to make again and again. Click here for the recipe

Handmade Stocking stuffers 1

Not everyone has time to make gifts for everyone in their family but no one said you had to make them.  We are so lucky to live in a thriving artist community that has so much to offer.  I found this ring at Market Collective a few months back from a small jewellery maker called Cinder & Sage.

Handmade Stocking stuffers 2

You might even have a crafty person in your circle of friends.  I picked up this necklace from a friend’s mom who makes jewellery from rocks and gems in her spare time.  I’ve given a few out as gifts and every time I see them being worn it makes me smile. If you don’t know a crafty person yourself, you can always check out what local artists are making on Etsy

Handmade Stocking stuffers 3.jpg

And who doesn’t love getting something yummy in their stocking? A friend of mine made batches of jams and pickles this summer and needed to clear her shelves out so I got a few to throw in as stocking stuffers.

handmade Stocking stuffers 4

If you have any great handmade gift ideas, please feel free to share!



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