4 Best Home Renovation Apps

Planning for home renovations can be tedious, but if you work smart, it might just be easier. We’ve done the research for you and have found some great apps you can use during your home renovations.


Homestyler is a 3D room designer that has a catalogue of furniture and décor from different brands, for all types of rooms. The app offers three options when it comes to designing a room, you can take a picture of the actual room you would like to design/redesign, you can upload a picture you already have, or you can choose from the app’s wide selection of empty rooms. Using those as your canvas, you customize the room’s paint colour, furnishing, and décor. There is also a community where you can share your designs and see what other users have created. If you really like one of the community members’ designs, you’re able to view exactly which items they used in their designs.


Similar to HomeStyler, Houzz has a 3D room designer, but even more, it has a photos section for inspiration; which you can filter by room type, style, location, budget, room size and more. For even more inspiration, you can read Stories From Houzz that discuss everything design, renovation, decorating, remodelling and more. Our favourite feature in Houzz is the Find a Pro feature where you can contact architects, designers, contractors, remodelers and swimming pool builders to help with your project.

Colour Capture

Colour Capture is your best friend if you’re trying to paint your rooms. You can take photos of pretty much everything and the app finds the colours in the picture for you. The app also suggests other colours that complement your favourite colours so you could mix and match between them and find colours that actually go together. Can’t find inspiration around you? That’s ok, the app has tons of swatches for you to pick from; from classical colours to shades of off-white and everything in between.  A very handy feature in this app is the paint calculator which estimates how much paint you may need based on the room size. The app can also help you find the closest Benjamin Moore store.

If you would also like to read about this awesome paint app we found earlier, click here!

Renovation Budget Tracker

Renovation expenses can easily get out of control unless you use Renovation Budget Tracker. Ironically, this app, out of all the ones we’ve already reviewed, is a paid app. For $3.99 you get to create spending limits, custom categories and track your expenses. Don’t think it’s worth it? An Excel sheet may suffice!

Honorable mentions:

  • Subspace: to measure your rooms using your phone
  • MeasuresLite: to record room measurements
  • MagicPlan: to create a floor plan
  • Orthograph I: to create a floor plan

Now you can go out into the world and create the best of virtual design and renovation work! Good luck!

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