Appliances are the Cornerstone of Kitchen Design

Start your kitchen design by choosing your appliances. Whether you’re building new or redesigning an existing space, appliances are fundamental in ensuring you get the kitchen that’s best suited to your personal culinary style.

“What your needs are and how you live in a particular space is going to reflect what you select for your home,” says designer Amber Desilets. “Everyone works in their kitchen differently. Whether you’re a bachelor cooking once a week, a parent with kids at home making everything from scratch, or a retired couple, your appliances will be very different. Even two seemingly similar situations will use the space quite differently. It’s really all about lifestyle.”

The advantage of choosing your appliances first is that you can then build the rest of the room around them. “People don’t realize that everyone is potentially impacted by the appliances you choose, from your plumber and electrician to your cabinet maker and flooring installer,” Amber explains. “So it’s important to pick them first.”

And when it comes to kitchen design, there’s really no such thing as standard. There are appliances manufactured to fit any space. But the first step is to come into the showroom and discuss your plans with a designer.


“Have the conversation to know what’s realistic for the space you have to work with,” Amber says. “A designer will ask questions that most people don’t think of when planning for their kitchen. It helps to identify how you cook and eat in your home.”

Visiting the showroom also gives you a good idea of the current variety of equipment and the latest culinary technology available. Kitchen appliance technology and appearance change quickly and manufacturers offer more styles and features than ever before.

“There are so many options, it makes sense to work with the individual and find what’s best for them,” says Amber. “We begin our discussion with budget and go from there. It’s not about putting in the most expensive appliances they can afford. It’s about choosing and installing what’s most usable and comfortable.”

With the largest selection of appliances and their experienced sales team, you’ll notice the Trail Appliances difference when you walk into one of their showrooms. The well-educated sales team is ready to help you remodel your kitchen or plan for a new home with options to fit every look, lifestyle and budget.

The Trail Appliances sales consultants work one-on-one with you and a variety of industries including builders, designers and architects to help identify the needs of each individual project. They’ll ensure the right products for you and your family are put into the right places.

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