Feeling Fall

With the kids recently heading back to school and seeing leaves turn from green to yellow, it’s starting to feel a lot like fall. As much as I love the other seasons, there is something cozy and comforting about fall that makes me think of turning over a new leaf. I love the idea of changing up the inside of my home with colours that are happening outside.


Here are a few easy ways to help your home feel like fall:

Throws – A cozy Mohair throw is perfect for adding an element of comfort to a room. It can be added to couches, beds or even stacks of throws in your living room for guests to snuggle up in.

Pillows – Simply switching out your pillows to warm autumn colours add a nice pop of warmth to any room. Earthy greens, spicy oranges, wine infused reds are all colours that will make your space feel more like fall.

Front Porch – Switch out your fresh flowers for cat tails and corn stalks in your planters. Use a ribbon in deep reds and oranges for contrast. You can even paint you planters in fall inspired colours and repaint them in the spring.

Paint – I know painting a feature wall in a fall accent colour is a bit of an undertaking, but picking small items throughout your home is easy to do. Paint the back of a bookshelf or picture frames. You can buy inexpensive chairs and swap them out for your regular kitchen chairs, or even just an accent chair.




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