Old Laundry at the Three Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town

Located in Revelstoke BC, the Chateau was built in the 1960s by Gordon Bell, an engineer from Saskatchewan. His passion for safeguarding Western Canada’s heritage allowed him to purchase and preserve historic buildings throughout his life until it ended in the early 2000s. The buildings were taken apart, moved and re-built piece by piece with their contents, to this location. Gordon Bell also had an interest in the locomotive industry, therefore adding cars, carriages and trains in his enthusiastic conserving of Western Canadian heritage.

3-valley gap

Today’s typical laundry room was obviously non-existent back then; however, one of the washing appliances above would have been somewhere in the kitchen maybe or in a tiny room adjacent to the kitchen as houses back then had no basements. Interior designing would have been a great career even back then! Crude wringers are evident in the picture, they must have been the newest models at the time. Can you imagine how long it would take to wash for a family of four? Sans dryer, laundry must have taken days to complete, particularly in the colder months….then ironing after!  Washers have certainly come a looong way and dryers make laundry easier, thank goodness! Even the iron has virtually become redundant with the steam features in both washer and dryer.

No doubt every driver-by along the Trans-Canada Highway to/from Canada’s Pacific coast has seen this Ghost Town but not everyone has taken the time to drop in and look around. To get a glimpse and an experience of life in the 1800s, the Three Valley Gap Ghost Town would be the perfect destination.

For more information on Three Valley Heritage Ghost Town, call the numbers below or visit their sites.

Phone:                 250.837.2109
Fax:                      250.837.5220
Toll-Free:            888.667.2109
Website:              http://www.3Valley.com
Email:                  hello@3valley.com
facebook.jpg                       https://www.facebook.com/3ValleyGap
twitter                       https://twitter.com/threevalleygap


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