Back to School – Design your own book covers

You may have noticed that notebooks and stationary in general have become a lot more stylish whilst still maintaining their practicality. Typography is an art in itself and life quotes are featured everywhere. However, with style comes a price tag!

Schools are getting ready for the 2017/2018 year with the summer vacation drawing to an end, so here are a few tips on personalizing and protecting your books on a limited budget.

Do you have wrapping paper lying around (and no, I don’t mean the Christmas tree covered sparkly type!) or even wallpaper testers?  I picked up a book of wrapping paper sheets in Michael’s and had fun with the designs.  Folders with a clear pocket on the front were super easy – just cut a piece of the wrapping paper to letter size and slide in with a label!  Mix and match the designs, make creative collage of paper scraps – there are tonnes of options.  If you are feeling extra arty, use a calligraphy pen to write an inspirational quote.


If you are wrapping a book from scratch, here are the simple instructions:

1. Cut paper to the size of the book, leaving a 1 1/2″ margin around the edge.

2. Fold corners in on one side and tape down.  You will need to cut a ‘v’ at the top and bottom of the book spine to stick the paper down on the inside of the book.

3.  Close the book before sticking the paper to the back cover so that you are not leaving yourself short on the paper (the spine needs to be allowed for).  Then stick the paper to the inside of the book (back cover) as you did with the front cover.

4.  Trim the paper at the edge of the spine carefully.  Seal with clear tape.  Add name and subject labels (handwritten script or typed) and you are good to go!

Now enjoy the school year in style!

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  1. saradiz says:

    Love the notebooks they are so pretty! xx


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