We are #1 Donator for H4H Haul-Away Program!

staff truckAt Trail Appliances we take great pride in our ability to connect with our community and support worthy local initiatives. For the second year in a row, we were named the number one donator to the Habitat for Humanity (H4H) Calgary ReStore. It’s all because of continued customer endorsement of our Haul-Away Program.

Trail Appliances offers the option to haul-away old appliances because we’d all rather see these recycled and put to good use. We let customers know when they opt for haul-away, we either arrange for their old appliances to be recycled or we donate those that can be refurbished to the H4H Calgary ReStore.

Subsequently, H4H sells the restored appliances to raise money for projects in Southern Alberta. H4H uses profits from the ReStore to fund the building of safe, affordable housing for Calgarians who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Through our Haul-Away Program, Trail Appliances’ partnership with H4H provides the unique opportunity to protect our environment through recycling, at the same time as contributing to promoting home ownership and breaking the cycle of poverty for some of our neighbours.

We’re pleased to share this honour with our customers who are devoted to the Haul-Away Program, because we’re all part of the same community. This shows what we can accomplish when we work together!


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