Reclaimed Decor Workshop

A few weeks ago, a group of Trail Appliances employees got together for a crafty class. If, like me, you see ideas on Pinterest but aren’t quite sure of the process, this is a great way to actually learn how to do it with all the resources on hand.

Ancora Reclaimed Decor is located in Irricana, about 45 minutes NE of downtown Calgary.  Ancora shares a location with The Shabby Little Vintage Shop (Isn’t that name just adorable!). They feature furniture, home decor, gifts and more, so well worth the trip!painting-party-crop-HR

Prior to the workshop, the group chatted about the options that Ancora offered.  There is an abundance of options including cushion covers, customized signs that are all the rage right now, personalized serving trays, vintage style clocks and furniture make-overs. Marnie who runs the workshop supplies ALL the materials and tools needed so she ensured that there were plenty of cushions covers to choose from with different colours and textures to suit any home. She helped everyone choose stencils and colours that would work for them and showed how to apply.  For anyone that chose to make a tray, they prepared the surface, picked a stain to start with and a design to stencil on top once the stain was dry.

When the Trail Appliances’ team sent me photos of their projects, I was super impressed! They were really detailed and professional.  They would highly recommend it as a social get-together with friends – a very enjoyable experience.  They all got to do their own thing instead of doing the same project.  Here are just a few of the finished pieces:


Marnie runs plenty of workshops so take a look at her Facebook page and check out her workshops!


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