Can we get away with fake plants & flowers?

liliesYou may have seen from my past posts I’m not what you would call an avid gardener!  I do, however, love flowers and up until a few years ago would buy a fresh bunch of pink lilies every two weeks – just replacing the old bunch.  They were pretty inexpensive at the time but these days I’ve moved towards flowers of a “fake” kind.  It’s much more cost-effective and needs zero maintenance.  They are widely available at quite a few different price ranges.

Michael’s has a variety, as does Ikea, but it’s worth shopping around to get the type you want.  I found it tough to get really good pink lilies (and there is simply no way to replicate the gorgeous fragrance), but I did find white ones for a reasonable cost. I got a vase as a housewarming present about ten years ago, and it has been used for many long-stem bouquets – real and fake!

Another good place to check out is Winners/Homesense.  They had a pretty extensive selection of little potted “plants”:20170401_150805

Ikea had some pretty good ideas on display too.  I really liked these hanging pots.  They would look great in a gazebo or pergola.  You don’t need to worry about them getting too much/not enough sun or making sure they’re topped up with water.  I’m all about the simple things in life!

Ikea hanging flower pots

Put your fake plants in a cute little pot and personalize!



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