Distressed Furniture – Indonesia

My sister was away in Bali a few months ago.  Instead of sending me pictures of her sipping her Sangria with her feet in an infinity pool, she sent me a few of some pretty cool Indonesian furniture!

I love the mix of colours in this one patio set.  It brings back memories of sanding an old fireplace back through decades of paint layers!image-0-02-05-877e778dda4c5009f7c8dbe61bdda1324bca60b3abaab84b186dc1c499fc4999-V

This gate is just stunning!  I can’t help but think about books that I read as a kid…. The Secret Garden comes to mind:


Finally, the woodwork in this room is beautiful.  The back of the seat is chipped and uneven but fits in so well.


The table above reminds me of an old farmhouse kitchen that was in my home growing up.  If looked after and featured in the right way, they can be a show piece in your home too.

Now to go off and try and find some old patio furniture to distress!

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