Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It feels like Mother’s Day is just over and all of a sudden Father’s Day is upon us.  If you found my Mother’s Day gift ideas useful, maybe I can help you again with a few idea’s for your DadOran sign.png (or partner if you have kids too young to buy).

Personalized Handmade Gift:

Last year I went on a Pinterest spree.  I found a few cute little gift ideas that are both really cost-effective and sentimental.  This was my attempt last year.  I was pretty happy with it and our son had a great time creating a mess while he was at it!


Personalized “Nil_570xN.760330586_bwn8ot-so-Handmade” Gift:

There are plenty of online businesses that do personalized gifts.  If you are willing to search on Facebook or local blogs, you are likely to find ones nearby too.  Etsy.com is one that I love.  There are tonnes of truly gifted people and small businesses that make quality pieces that can be changed to suit your dad.

Via “CountryAngelRustic” www.etsy.com 





Another example is this one….. “What a difference a day can make”.  This particular one is from Rabeycreative who also features on etsy.com



A New Swanky Barbecue:

Mypro665-lifestyle-people-napoleon-grills Dad was never one for cooking in the kitchen.  However he seems to think he’s a pro when it comes to barbecues.  If your Dad loves barbecuing, why not make him the envy of all his other Dad-pals with a new addition to his deck. See our extensive range here or call in to any of our Alberta / Saskatchewan stores!



Man Caves (the whole new rage):

Everyone talks about “man caves” these days – typically in a basement or a separate shed at the end of the yard. Why not really surprise him and help deck his garage out. There are so many options, whether it’s hooks to help organize the clutter, or whole storage solutions with a fridge, there’s something for all.  Take a look at our Gladiator GarageWorks for ideas!


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