Frames aren’t just for photos – Part 1

When you find a frame that you like, the first thing that you think to put in it is a photo. There are so many different things that are right at your fingertips (or very inexpensive and available).

When I decorated my house I specifically chose NOT to have a collage of just photos.  I wanted to break it up a bit.  I have put together a few examples of what you can use as a feature in a frame.

frame bag

I just picked up a few frames at Ikea.  I love the simple cream frames but the options out there are endless.  If you are doing a montage of frames, by all means mix them up a little.  Do a mix of square and rectangular, large and small.




Whether it’s a tea-towel with a nice embroidery pattern, a piece of your wedding dress or your child’s first baby sleeper, fabric is such a simple piece to frame.  If you have cushions in your living room, just buy an extra one and put a little piece in a frame to compliment your room.

I picked up a roll of fabric off-cuts in Ikea and framed just a few.  I also used a piece of sentimental embroidered fabric.

Sometimes I just see pieces of fabric that are for a more practical use.  For example, as I was strolling around Ikea, I saw a fabric shopping bag for $1.99.  Cut a square out sized to fit your frame and boom, job done!

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