Traditional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day has been a tradition across the globe for years and although different countries celebrate it at different times, everyone asks the same question.  What should I give my Mom for Mother’s Day?

I’m pretty lucky.  My Mom loves flowers, so if all else fails, that’s a pretty safe bet.  My siblings and I joke about the thought that has (or hasn’t) gone in to the gift and we have done that for as long as I can remember.

So, get ahead of the game and plan for Mother’s Day this year.  I have put together just a few ideas to get the creative gifting thoughts started.

Fancy Tea

Is your Mom a big tea drinker?  There are so many variations of loose tea out there so why not make a little hamper selection of different flavours? You can personalize it in a little basket with a handwritten note.

fruity tea

A Journal

I’m a huge fan of little notebooks, quality bound journals (and anything stationary based if I’m honest).  With a journal you can write your own personal message in the front cover and then your Mom can use it however she wishes.


Serving / Chopping board

Now this is one that you need to be careful with.  Make sure that you choose something that is attractive and unusual – not just practical.  Maybe go that one step further and get a message engraved.

chopping board

A Cheese board with a selection of cheeses

It’s nice to change it up a little.  Chocolates were always a popular option but over the last few years it seems that we have become much more health conscious.  If chocolate isn’t really a good fit for your Mom but you want to give her a culinary treat, the selection of cheeses available to us here is huge.  Why not put together a cheese selection with a cute cheese board and cheese slicer?  I came across this particular one on the Irish Design House website here in Canada.

serving_plate cheese

Image via Irish Design House


This I guess is a similar idea to the loose tea.  However, what you get for your Mom hugely depends on your budget.  Perhaps you and your siblings all chip in and really wow her with your gift or maybe you want to stick with the personalized route. Either way, if your Mom is a coffee drinker, there is always a gift solution out there.

Inexpensive but thoughtful: A french coffee press with a selection of ground coffees

cofee plunger

Is your Mom in the process of, or thinking about re-modeling the kitchen?  If you really wanted to surprise her, why not invest in a specialty coffee system that could be built in to her design?

A Traditional Bouquet

If like me, you have a Mom who loves to have flowers in a vase, there are so many florists out there that can make something to suit your budget.  You could even go that one step further and have them delivered to her workplace to make all the other Mom’s jealous of what a wonderful son / daughter you are!


I hope this is useful to you in choosing your gift.  If you want to go more innovative and less traditional, take a look at our blog again tomorrow where we will have a few technology focused options for your modern Mom!



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