Fabric done 3 ways

Mixing patterns seems to be a stumbling block for a lot of people re-decorating their homes.  Either they are nervous and keep it safe and simple or add too many patterns that aren’t the correct proportion and textures.

The truth is, there really isn’t a definite rule, and a good designer or brave person will break the rules anyway! So why not have some fun with it.  A few simple tricks should be kept in mind.

  • Repeat at least one colour whether it’s the obvious choice or not, keep one colour consistent.
  • Look at the scale of the patterns; they should all vary in size. If you have a large print for your base, add one or two smaller patterns and solids to the mix.
  • And of course, your textures should vary as well.

I took one duvet cover from the Heather Company in a large graphic print and mixed in a few patterns to create three drastically different looks.



In this look, we took the pretty pink colour in the flowers of the main fabric and repeated in both accent fabrics. One of the accents is a soft woven fabric to create texture and the other has a smaller embroidered folk art pattern to create a cozy feel.





In this look, we wanted to create a more elegant feeling.  We found gorgeous rich green velvet which we pick up from the accents in the birds, and paired in with a pretty cross hatched pattern.






In our final look, we wanted to create a more masculine look and used a very dark and subtle hounds tooth, and mixed in a larger art deco pattern. Both accent fabrics have the oaky colour of the tree to tie all three together.



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