All Things Kitchens!

We all know kitchens are not what they used to be, but we wanted to find out from the experts what they are seeing in kitchen designs these days.  We sat down with Senior Design Consultant Jasmine Larre at Superior Cabinets to talk about all things kitchens. 

What kind of design trends are you seeing in kitchens?

In terms of materials we are seeing white and greys being the dominate colour choice for cabinets, mixed with warmer metals like gold, brass and copper on fixtures and hardware.  With these warmer finishes people are looking at different finishes on their appliances like black stainless or even paneling them with cabinetry. In terms of planning, the trend is to design for the whole user rather than just the cook.  Homework stations, built-in dog bowls, entertainment zones…its all about family!


What is one tip you can give someone for achieving an easy WOW factor for a kitchen?

There are so many great easy ways to achieve a wow factor. I can’t give just one! A statement light is such an easy way to add WOW. Instead of simple pendants lights above your island, pick one dramatic and more architectural fixture. Adding pops of bold colours in unexpected areas like your ceiling or in an open shelf. I love the look of bold geometric back splashes with simple cabinetry – major wow!


What considerations do you give to the appliances when you choose or recommend?

As I already mentioned, with the trend of planning for the whole family in a kitchen, we are seeing multiple appliances in kitchen. As an example, not only will you have your fridge for everyday consumables, but we are adding beverage centres in the areas where the kids would be so they can grab their own drinks. Having two dishwashers, one in the kitchen and one in a bar area or pantry, makes clean up easier and more convenient. It’s really important for us as designers to find out how people work and live in their kitchens so everyone can cohesively work in the space together.

Photo Credit Superior Cabinets


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