Renovation Do’s & Don’ts – Part 2 Don’ts

Yesterday we talked about the “Do’s” of renovations.  Here is a few don’ts that you will want to avoid for a successful renovation experience.


Don’t become the distraction! We all like to know what’s going on in our house, but being a busy body can actually create more problems. Walk through the house, make your notes and talk to your contractor. Don’t stand around talking to the trades and taking time away from their jobs.

Don’t take the lowest price! When prices start to add up its very tempting to take the lowest price. It’s crucial for the overall success of your project to make sure you assign value to each item. A contractor or designer will help you with this, but if you are working on this yourself you will need to see where it is important to spend more money. As an example, you are doing a bathroom renovation and you want the shower to feel spa-like and luxurious, you might want to give a heftier budget to the tile and plumbing fixtures and pull some out of the cabinetry and flooring. Making sure you are properly using your budget is the key to a great renovation story.


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