Renovation Do’s & Don’ts – Part 1 Do’s

We’ve all heard more renovation horror stories then we’ve heard happy endings. It doesn’t have to end terrible. The important thing is to get educated on the process. Clients are often warned that going into a renovation of any scale can be tough on you mentally and physically. Even with all the preparation in the world, surprises can happen, budgets might creep and timelines can pass. Here’s how you can help yourself if you are tackling a renovation.


Hire the right professional! Whether it’s a designer, contractor, or gas fitter….hire people that know what they are doing and talking about. Check references and interview more than once. Hiring a friend of a friend might save you money up front, but if they are not experienced it will cost you in the end.

Take advice from the people who know best! If your designer tells you that purple carpeting is not the best choice….listen to them. Designers are constantly pushing envelopes and taking risks, but they are calculated and educated.

Find alternate living arrangements! I know this one can be tough for some budgets, but it will result in your all over happiness in the end. Living in a house under construction is painful, messy and it can be a huge distraction for the construction team. If you can’t leave for the entire renovation, try and get away for at least a few weeks while the bulk of the renovation is happening.

Check back tomorrow for our “Don’t” list.


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