Pillow Talk

I love thoughtful and unique gifts…especially Valentine’s Day gifts. Don’t get me wrong…I wouldn’t scoff at some red roses, but they eventually wilt and die.  I came across some pillow cases on an online store I thought were really cute for 2 people in love, and decided to make something similar on my own.

Here’s what you need:

2 clean pillow cases (preferably with no fabric softener)

Red and black fabric pens (I bought mine at Michael’s for $2.99 each)

Trace paper


What you need to do:

  1.  Iron pillowcases so they are completely flat, you will need a smooth surface to write on.
  2. Trace out the words you want on a piece of paper and slid it in between pillowcase.  Makes sure you have 2 close ends face each other
  3. Use your fabric paint to trace on top of the pillowcases.  Feel free to free hand if that’s easier.
  4. Let the paint dry at least 4 hours and 72 hours before washing (or check the instructions).
  5. Put them on your bed on Valentines Day….or any other day you want your loved one to know you care!


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