Buying Tips: Gas ranges

Gas or Dual Fuel

The difference between a gas and dual fuel range is in the oven. A gas range has both a gas cooktop and a gas oven, whereas a dual fuel range has an electric oven. Although the cost of a dual fuel range is generally slightly higher than an all-gas range, there are benefits to having an electric oven. A dual fuel range provides you with the best characteristics from both gas and electric ranges – the temperature control and high-heat capabilities of a gas cooktop combined with the dry, consistent heat of an electric oven.

Choosing a Range for Your Cooking Needs

Ranges, whether they are gas or electric, have ratings for the amount of heat that the burners provide on the highest settings. Manufacturers use BTUs to rate gas ranges and Watts to describe electric ranges.

Consider the types of cooking you want to do on the cooktop and in the oven. If you do a lot of high-heat cooking or wok-style cooking, you will want to look for a range that has one or more power burners (approx 15,000 BTUs or more). For cooking soups or delicate sauces, a range with a simmer burner will be important to providing you with a low, gradual heat.

Other Considerations

Before considering gas, ensure that it’s available and you can meet installation requirements. Once you have ordered your natural gas range, be sure your range is installed by one of our qualified installers. You also want to determine what type of ventilation you require



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