Laundry Buying Tips!

Finding the Right Capacity

If you have one or two people in your household capacity isn’t generally too much of a factor. However, if you have a larger family and are often running multiple loads of laundry per week, consider a laundry pair with a larger capacity. Although the price tag may be slightly higher on large capacity models, you will save yourself time by running less loads of laundry each week.

When comparing laundry pairs make sure you are comparing the same rating measurement – some manufacturers measure their capacity in I.E.C, which is a European method of rating capacity while others use Department of Energy ratings (D.O.E ).  For example, a washer with a 5.0 cu.ft. I.E.C capacity, would be equivalent to approximately 4.3 cu ft D.O.E.

Water Quality

Water quality will greatly affect the use of your washing machine. However, hard water is not only hard on your appliances but hard on your clothes. Clothes washed in hard water typically fade quicker and the feel of them is not as soft. When hard water is heated during a wash cycle, it brings about a scale of magnesium and calcium which comes in the form of limestone deposits. These deposits can lead to a less efficient washing machine and if not taken care of to the washing machine’s premature breakdown.

A water softener will help with these issues in cities with hard water. To extend the life of your clothes and your washing machine, discuss the hardness of your water and what we can do to help with your sales consultant.

Installation Considerations

It is important to look at a few things within your home to make sure the laundry pair you choose will work in your space. A few of the factors to consider are:

  • Measuring your current space to make sure your new laundry pair will fit and allowing 4-6” behind the machines for venting and connections
  • Confirming where venting is required
  • Confirming the drain hose is in proximity to the washer

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