2017 Design Trends

2017 is sure to be a great year for everyone and certainly for design. With technology and modern conveniences taking over most people’s lives, we are seeing a huge surge in more natural and artisanal elements to design to help keep us balanced. I talked to a few local designers to get their take on what they are seeing and designing in homes for the next year, and as you can see that theme runs through all of the designers. Knitting needles up everyone….it is going to be huge!

Design Trend #1 is by Ana Cummings of Ana Interiorsana-head

I love this Bohemian Jungalow trend I see growing with Millennials. Reusing and repurposing everyday items is taken to a new artisanal level, where the most mundane of objects are elevated to one-of-a kind status of sophisticated elegance. Big leafy jungle prints, chunky handmade knits, layered textiles, artsy pallet beds and collected items such as woven baskets and unique looking pieces of driftwood have been steadily appearing all over print and online media.Ana Cumming, Ana Interiors



Check back for more trends throughout the month!



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