Breaking down blinds

Deciding what window treatment will work best in your home can be a tough decision. Every client and home is unique so it can be an overwhelming task to find out what fits for you. That’s why we asked Danielle Paul of Designers Edge, who carries top quality lines like Hunter Douglas and Shadomatic, what are the pros and cons of the most popular options.

Faux Wood Blinds This is a step up from your typical aluminum blind. Their biggest pro is that it’s inexpensive to get a higher end look and it gives you a wide range of tilt options, letting in as much light as you want. Some cons are its heavy, it has a large stack on top when fully opened, and they collect dust easily. They also can’t be done on large windows.everwood_2007_kitchen.jpg

Roller Shades- Rollers are very popular in condos, commercial spaces and modern homes. A few pros are they are easy to clean, very durable, because of its small stack on top it’s a great option for people with views. They also offer UV protection while maintaining your view.   There is different light filter options best suited for the space from 15% open to black out. The only real cons are there are large light gaps, and the shades are either up or down.roller-shades

Cell Shades These have easily become one of the most popular options today. It’s commonly referred to as the up/down blind because of its versatility to open from the top and/or the bottom. It has a tight fit to the window and the dead airspace inside the cell makes it the most energy efficient of window treatments. When fully open the stack on top is minimal so it’s great for letting light in. It is also the most versatile with numerous options, cord controls and size capabilities.  Its only major con is that it doesn’t have a tilt option, it either has to be up or down to see out.cell-shades-2

Window Shading- Commonly referred to as Silhouette by Hunter Douglas because of its popularity. These shades have all of the advantages of the other blinds. They are extremely durable, dust repellent, endless tilt options and many fabric choices.   They allow you to adjust the light by tilting the vanes and have a vane that is set inside two beautiful sheer fabric panels.  A few cons are they have a specific look so it doesn’t work in every space.silhouette

Dual Concept- Dual concept blinds is relatively new and has a unique look. It has all the advantages of a roller blind but with the ability to have slight gaps to see out of when it’s wanted. There are a wide range of colour options and comes with a power option for remote use. Its cons are similar again to rollers with it having large light  gaps.


All images by Designers Edge

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