Measure first!

If you think it’s common sense that you would measure your appliance opening before you buy a new one you’d be wrong.  All too often people assume their appliances (most often  fridges) are ‘standard’.  Once upon a time there were few sizing option for things like fridges and there was more of a ‘standard’ size, but in today’s day, fridges are changing shape in more ways than one.

Some are getting deeper.  If you aren’t buying a counter-depth or built in fridge you’ll notice how deep fridges are…some hitting the 3ft mark.  Depending on your kitchen layout, it might make for a really tight walkway through your kitchen.centimeter-2261_1920

Some are getting taller.  I’ve seen it many times.  Getting a brand new fridge home and realizing the cabinet above will have to be taken out because its taller than your old fridge.  Even something as small as the fridge door hinge interfering with the cabinet door above, means you can’t access that space.  It’s all avoidable with a few seconds of measuring the opening.


Here’s what you need to do to be prepared if you are shopping for a new fridge:

  1.  Measure the current WIDTH x HEIGHT x DEPTH of your opening.  If you have an island, walls in close proximity, jot those dimensions down as well. Things like corner pantries can sometimes interfere with a fridge that is too deep.
  2.   Take photos of your kitchen, so if you need to explain your spacing, your sales consultant will easily understand with a few pictures.image1

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