Design Tip : Hanging Kitchen Lights

Hanging pendant lights or chandeliers at the proper height can dramatically affect the way your room feels overall. Hanging lights too high shines a downcast light and makes everyone sitting in that space feeling drab! Having the lights at a proper height can illuminate your guests and surroundings, leaving everything feeling cozy and looking their best!


The general rule of thumb for hanging lights above your dining table is approximately 30-36″ above your table. Depending on your ceiling height you might want to play around with the scale a few inches here and there. Also, consider the scale of the light itself, if its a larger fixture you might need to raise it up a few inches.



For pendants above an island you will want them slightly higher if your island is being used for an place where people will be standing around the island. Hang your pendants at approximately 36-40″ above kitchen counter height. If your lighting isn’t going to be in anyone’s face you can drop it anywhere from 30-36″ from the counter.


Note: these are general rules; depending on your ceiling height & light fixture, the height you hang your fixture may be different in every space.

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