How to style shelves

1. Repeat your items. If you’ve got a white frame on one shelf, add a white vase on another. Being consistent with a few of your items is visually appealing and makes it easy to look at without being too overwhelming.

2. Mix up your items. You don’t need to have all books and photos. Included books, keepsakes, candles, photos, and spread them out throughout the shelving. Be sure to have different scale items throughout. Don’t be afraid to have large-scale vases mixed with smaller pieces.

3. Edit your items. I like to put as much up as possible and then pull items off one by one until the right combination look right. Too much stuff on a shelf looks clutter and distracting.

4. Have fun! It should be a reflection of you and your life. So don’t take it too seriously…it’s just shelving.


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